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Over the past 16 years, WTII has been instrumental in helping Veterans to become business owners. WTII, continues to challenge the status quo, ask questions and seek answers in order to be effective as an engine of sustainable business ownership, first and foremost among our candidates, Alumni and most especially as it relates to our Veterans in the State of Georgia. What does it take to become a business owner? What does it take to stay open? What does it take to project oneself in that direction so as to maintain economic self-sufficiency and transition into civilian life.

WTII is well aware of the challenges faced by small business owners, but the challenges faced by veterans as biz owners are further exacerbated by the scars of war, the self-doubt, low self-esteem and so many other issues.

A business must generate enough sales to pay all its expenses and provide an adequate reward to the owner. It must produce an adequate return on the investment of time and money relative to the amount of risk involved, in order to achieve success overtime.


The typical experience for people starting their first business is that the length of time it takes to get into operation is greater than they anticipated. Likewise, the expense to get the business going usually exceeds their original estimate.

Even after operations begin, it often takes longer to build sales in a new business than the owner expects. In the meantime, many costs continue to accrue whether or not sales occur.


Allow extra time to put your plan into action, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"- Kauffman Fastrac First Step The Veteran as a Business Owner This site has been designed as an added resource to WTII formal classroom lectures.

The site speaks to those who dare to dream, to those who dare to be different, to those who are self-driven, to those who need self-help most especially to our veterans "It is not enough to open a small business, the challenge is to stay open"-WTII Class lectures

This IMEC site is a conglomerate of answers to most questions faced by small business owners, from inception of the business to maturity. This site like all our services at 


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